AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Trailer Hits the Web

Early this morning, Sony Pictures released the first full trailer for their upcoming Marc Webb-directed reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. The plot-heavy ad shows a Spider-Man whose sense of wonder at his powers and fun with street thugs is outweighed only by the angst over his parents' death (and the burgeoning conspiracy that seems to be building around it) and his culpability in the creation of The Lizard, whom we finally get to see quite a bit of. Captain Stacy seems to be heading up the "get Spider-Man" brigade at the law enforcement level to the point where without a single frame of J. Jonah Jameson we get the idea that Spider-Man really will be doubted and feared in this film, as opposed to the Daily Bugle feeling like a platform for JJJ's "last sane man" ramblings. And, of course, fans who have been around a while might take that last shot of the trailer as a very ominous one...!