Snapchat Says Crying Face Filter Is Not Inspired by Amber Heard

Snapchat's popular crying filter is not a reference to Amber Heard according to the company. TMZ received confirmation that this is all just one big misunderstanding from Snap. A representative from the company clarified that the crying filter serves as a companion piece to the big smiling AR filter that recently debuted on the social media platform. Users quickly speculated that the filter was in response to Heard's testimony during the Johnny Depp trial. Of course, discourse around the proceedings has led to a veritable media circus where coverage is quickly editorialized in all parts of the Internet. However, Snap isn't and was not trying to weigh in on that one way or the other. Fandom is a dominating force hovering over all of this where if something is repeated enough without a quick clarifying statement, everyone gets carried away with a little push. Snapchat has been vocal about their investments in AR filters and the future of the medium.

"As developers push the limits of AR creation, we want to empower them with an advanced suite of services that vastly expands what a Lens can do," Snap explained. "So, we're introducing Lens Cloud, a free collection of backend services that enables Lenses to be more useful, dynamic, and connected to the world than ever before. We're excited to see how developers leverage Lens Cloud and Lens Studio together to build a new generation of AR experiences that enhance the way we play, learn, explore, and shop." 

"The Snap AR platform not only powers Lens experiences on Snapchat and Spectacles, but also in other mobile applications through Camera Kit,"the company added. "With our AR SDK, any developer or partner can leverage Snap's Camera technology in their own mobile app, unleashing new ways for AR to bring a new dimension to their customer experience." 

"Camera Kit has been adopted by a wide range of partners – from global brands like Samsung, Disney, and Microsoft's Flipgrid, to developers building an app for the first time," they added. "This year, we'll continue to work with new partners to integrate Camera Kit, develop new use cases, and push the boundaries of AR." 

"With new Lens capabilities, tools, and infrastructure, we can't wait to see how the Snap AR community continues to prove the value and impact that AR can have on the world," Snap concluded. 

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