Another Batman Fills In At School For Deceased Baltimore Batman

(Photo: WCHS)

Earlier today, another Batman stepped in to fulfill a promise made by the late Baltimore Batman.

On Sunday, "Route 29 Batman" Lenny Robinson rescued an 8-year-old boy named Jacob from a bully. After the conflict was settled, Batman promised to always be there for young Jacob. Tragically, Robinson died in a car accident later that day.

Fortunately, another Batman – the Huntington Batman – stepped in to fulfill that promise when Jacob called on him. Batman walked Jacob into school, beginning the year with a stunning ovation.

Check out the local news report from WCHS:

"What happened this weekend with Lenny, the Maryland Batman, and the moment that he had with Jacob. The whole Batman Army and the world needs to be inspired by this," John Buckland, the Huntington Batman, said.


Buckland delivered an anti-bullying message to the kids at Dunbar Intermediate School, saying, "You don't need superpowers to be Batman, do you understand that? Batman has none. It's all about gadgets and caring for others."

Jacob proudly exclaimed, "I'm one of the Batman Army now!"