Ant-Man 3 Will Reportedly Start Production In Summer 2021

A third Ant-Man movie has been rumored among media outlets, insiders, and fans for months. There has been no concrete word on the film other than some teases from Paul Rudd and other cast members while Marvel Studios remains silent on the subject. Peyton Reed is already in place to direct the next adventure of Scott Lang and Hope van Dyne. Now, a new report is indicating that the third Ant-Man movie will be getting into production in 2021 which would seem to indicate a 2022 or early 2023 release date. Ant-Man 3 is not yet on the Marvel Studios release calendar for those years.

"I initially struggled with whether or not to share this information given the current uncertainty surrounding productions, especially here in the U.S.; however, in sharing it might clear up some confusion, so here it is: as of now, Ant-Man 3 has been rescheduled to begin production in June of 2021 in Atlanta," Murphy's Multiverse reports, a source which is often correct with Marvel scoops. "At the moment it's really hard to predict what will happen with film and TV production in the coming months, much less all the way into next Summer, so I certainly wouldn't start etching this one in stone any time soon but it is worth noting for one reason: when Marvel Studios reshuffled their release lineup earlier this year, fans were surprised, if not disappointed, that Ant-Man 3 wasn't included on the slate."

As it stands, the Atlanta studio which Marvel Studios will likely occupy for Ant-Man 3 is booked for completion of The Falcon and The Winder Soldier and Loki before anything else. The two shows won't take up the entire lot as their sets are not the same scale as Marvel Studios films and Marvel previously shared the Pinewood Studios lot with James Gunn's The Suicide Squad while shooting The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and WandaVision there.

"[A third Ant-Man is] the idea," Rudd said in a recent interview with Chris Evans. "I don't know what I'm supposed to say or what I'm not supposed to say but with this quarantine who even knows anything anymore?" When Evans continued to ask him about Ant-Man 3, Rudd ultimately remembered how tight-lipped Marvel Studios prefers their actors be. "I'm not going to be able to say anything, Chris," he said. "You know the world."

Marvel Studios still has a flag planted on October 7, 2022 with no film officially slated for the date. Could it be Ant-Man 3's home?


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