Argo Bests Cloud Atlas at the Box Office, Bond Breaks British Records


Box office estimates have third-week holdover Argo, the story of a CIA plan to rescue American diplomats trapped in Iran by staging a fake film production with a little help from comics legend Jack Kirby, taking the #1 spot at the box office this weekend, followed by Lana and Andrew Wachowski's much-anticipated Cloud Atlas, which is expected to make less than $10 million. In spite of a mountain of press over the last couple of months that herald Cloud Atlas as something revolutionary, the Wachowski film, starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, has received mixed reviews this week and moviegoers gave it only a C+ cinemascore, which basically says that those who went, weren't impressed. Halloween movies rounded out the top five, with Hotel Transylvania, Paranormal Activity 4 and Silent Hill: Revelation 3D taking those spots. In the international box office, meanwhile, there was quite a bit of movement in the United Kingdom, where Skyfall (the twenty-third James Bond film, out this week) reportedly on pace to break the opening day and opening weekend records.