Armageddon Has a New Streaming Home

Recently, NASA launched its first-ever planetary defense test mission, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is designed to launch itself into an asteroid to alter its trajectory in space. It sounds like something that comes right from the Hollywood blockbuster Armageddon and now, if you want to watch the Michael Bay film, it has a new streaming home. As of December 1st, Armageddon is now streaming on Hulu.

Released in 1998, Armageddon is a science fiction disaster film directed by Bay that follows a group of blue-collar deep-core drillers who end up being sent by NASA to stop a massive asteroid on a collision course with Earth. The film stars Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Owen Wilson, and Liv Tyler among others. The film wasn't especially a hit with critics when it was first released, but it was a huge hit at the box office. Armageddon ended up being the highest-grossing film of 1998 and helped propel Affleck to leading man status—though Affleck reflected on the film earlier this year saying that he thinks his Armageddon days are behind him.

"There was this captive audience of people who are all of a sudden at home, and I think more people saw it than would have gone out to the theater," Affleck said. "I think you have to weigh that. So, now the line is blurred, and I'm just looking to do stuff that is personally rewarding. I think my Armageddon days are behind me."

As for the interesting plans that NASA has for DART, with the launch causing quite a bit of buzz earlier this week, Bay weighed in himself, joking that NASA had clearly pulled their inspiration from the film.

"Thank God they're doing something because these things (asteroids), they're lethal. They come in 24,000 miles an hour, if I remember correctly — it's an airburst to the ground," Bay told TheWrap.

Bay went on to admit that the existence of the DART mission proves that the space agency is treating the situation seriously enough that it's enough to make the world aware that asteroids could pose a real threat to life on Earth, calling it a "serious situation".

"It just makes the world aware that there is a big effin' problem that we might have one day so it's better to get our asses in gear now and practice for what can be a very serious situation," he added. "It's great that they're trying something."

Armageddon is now streaming on Hulu.

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