Army Of The Dead Star Teases Survival For Sequel, Updates Prequel Plans (Exclusive)

Army of the Dead bid a violent farewell to most of its characters before the film came to a close [...]

Army of the Dead bid a violent farewell to most of its characters before the film came to a close but a few of them will be seen again in the future. For example, Matthias Schweighöfer's Deiter character was seemingly killed off outside of the vault but will be appearing in the prequel film Army of Thieves. Schweighöfer promises, the released version of Army of the Dead is fully Zack Snyder's vision for the film as his character's concluding moment was presented in the complete and only way it was filmed. Speaking to, Schweighöfer opened up about his Deiter's finale and gave a bit of a tease about what to expect when we see him in this world again.

"I think it's one of the most heroic things I ever did in my life, and I'm super proud," Schweighöfer said of the sequence. "If I think on Hollywood, but I think about that scene, because it's like, he saves the life of his friend, and I felt so good and felt so great that I really was proud. All my family would be like... My mother would be like, 'That's my son. He did the right thing!' Yeah. No, I'm super, super happy that the movie ends with Dieter in that tragic way, because this stays for the whole end of the film. Because, 'What? Dieter's gone? No way. They cannot do this. No.'"

Though we don't actually see Deiter get ripped to shreds by the zombies which are smarter than your average walking corpse, Schweighöfer assures what we see is, "the actual ending." There is no alternate or deleted scene there. "The ending we shot is in the movie. That's it," he says. "The rest is fantasy. Maybe he's still alive. We don't know!"

Whether or not a continuation from Army of the Dead could explore the possibility of Deiter's future or the many theories created from Snyder's very intentional details remains to be seen. Fans can definitively look forward to the Army of Thieves prequel, though. "The Thieves will be a very entertaining and very cool movie," Schweighöfer promises. "We finished, and I'm in post-production. Nathalie Emmanuel is fantastic in that movie. And yeah, it will be a hell of a ride. It's so funny. And you will see scenes never seen before. It's really entertaining. So, hopefully, we can all watch that movie soon."

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