Exclusive: 'Atomic Blonde' Featurette Goes Inside the Stairwell Fight

Atomic Blonde is headed to Digital HD today, and Universal Pictures has provided ComicBook.com with an exclusive look at how one of its most talked-about scenes was brought to life.

The featurette, which you can check out above, chronicles how the film's stairwell fight was crafted for the screen. The long-take scene saw Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron) fighting a series of villains down a building's staircase, before taking the battle into a vacant room.

"That was a fight that I fought with all of these guys I spent three months with." Theron reveals in the clip. "It was very intimate, it was very close. And there were no injuries. There was absolutely nothing. Or so they told me."

As Atomic Blonde's director, David Leitch, explains in the featurette, a fight scene of that magnitude was something on his bucket list.

"The long take shot in the stairwell was something that I've been wanting to do for a long time." Leitch revealed. "And then we started to see Charlize train, and we were like 'Holy sh*t. We can make this happen.'"

Once the Atomic Blonde team decided to make the scene a reality, a bunch of factors needed to fall into place.

"We picked a location, the stunt team choreographed it, we rehearsed with the camera department." Leitch continued. "We ended up having [stunt coordinator/choreographer] Sam Hargrave on camera for that sequence, because he knew the choreography."


Atomic Blonde delighted many when it debuted earlier this summer, with ComicBook.com calling it "a uniquely fun and sly femme-action experience."

Atomic Blonde is now available on Digital, and will arrive on Blu-ray/DVD on November 14th.