Avengers: Age of Ultron Made No Script Changes For Johansson Pregnancy

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In the first (but likely not last) interview where Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was pinned down on the issue of star Scarlett Johansson's recently-announced pregnancy, the producer said that he was happy for Johansson and that there had been no alterations made to the script. He conceded that, as previously reported, some slight scheduling changes were made to work around the catsuit -- but that the story itself will remain totally intact. "My first reaction was I was very happy for her, and very excited for her," Feige told Collider. "My second reaction was, 'we've gotta move some pieces on the chess board around schedule-wise.' But we didn't change the script at all, which is sort of the most important things for us in terms of the storyline. I think the goal is for us to sit here talking about the fact that you would never know that Black Widow was pregnant during the filming of the movie when you see the final version of Avengers 2." Who's up for some gag reel footage that goes another way? You can check out the video below.