Batkid Snubbed By The Oscars, Andrew Garfield Appearance Canceled

There has been a bit of confusion surrounding what exactly happened to Andrew Garfield’s planned [...]

Andrew Garfield and Batkid

There has been a bit of confusion surrounding what exactly happened to Andrew Garfield's planned appearance at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. More details have emerged, but they come from various sources and some conflict with others. What we know is that Andrew Garfield was scheduled to be at the event as a presenter. It turns out, he was supposed to introduce one of the segments celebrating cinematic heroes. During the segment, he was also to be joined by a surprise guest, "Batkid" Miles Scott, who would be inducted into the Fraternity of Superheroes. Anyone who watched the Oscar ceremony knows that Garfield did not, in fact, make any sort of presentation and that Batkid did not make an appearance at all. Instead, Chris Evans introduced the segment originally intended for Garfield and the Batkid segment was cut from the show entirely. According to various reports, Batkid attended a rehearsal on Saturday, fully dressed in a tuxedo for the special event. Somewhere between that rehearsal and the ceremony's airing on Sunday night, Batkid's segment was cut. The Scott family, instead, went to Disneyland in an attempt to make the most of their trip. But what happened to Garfield? According to E! News, a spokesperson for the Academy said that Garfield was simply told that his segment with Batkid had been cut, as sometimes happens with live events, and Garfield drove out to Disneyland to meet the Scotts. This seems off though. Why wouldn't Garfield stick around to introduce the heroes' montage instead of leaving the Academy to find a last-minute fill-in with Chris Evans? Also, the Scott family hasn't mentioned Garfield joining them at Disneyland in any report. According to Radar Online, it was actually Garfield who cancelled his own appearance, saying it was for "personal reasons." Apparently, those reasons have to do with Emma Stone, Garfield's on-screen and off-screen girlfriend who was also a no-show at the ceremony, and required her presence in New York. The couple has kept the details of these personal reason personal, but someone close to the couple told Radar that, for the couple to miss such a big event, it likely had to do with Stone's family. Stone's mother, Krista Stone, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2008. So why didn't Batkid simply do his segment with Evans instead of Garfield? It's possible the producers felt that they would need to rehearse the segment again with Evans and didn't have the time, or maybe they just decided they wouldn't have time for the segment during the live show, which did run long (though I don't know how you choose to ditch Batkid and leave in Ellen Degeneres' pizza bit instead…). Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone both star in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, coming to theaters May 2, 2014.