The Batman: Robert Pattinson's Stunt Double Rides the Bat Bike in New Photo

New images of The Batman’s stunt double on a motorcycle have surfaced on the Internet. This week’s fresh looks at Robert Pattinson’s character have been everywhere on social media. But, this particular still has his stunt double in the limelight. This is the second time that fans will have seen that spiffy new bike during the movie's filming. But that was months ago now. Between now and then, Pattinson contracted the coronavirus, and production shut down. Now, things are back up and rolling. As time moves on, there will only be more peeks at Batman’s glorious toys. Earlier this summer, director Matt Reeves talked about how important it was to get the gadgets and vehicles down pat. (Check out the image below!)

(Photo: Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

“One of the things you have to do is you have to design a bat suit, you have to design a Batmobile you have to have a Batcave you have to have that like all of the things that he's going to have,” Reeves expanded. “And so, you know, for me that's been one of the exciting things and that happened even before we were quite done with the last iteration of the script you know we don't, we've already gone through passes and it was quite clear what the vision of the world was being while I'm writing.”

“This Batcave, the Batmobile, and the bat suit, they took a long time, you know… And we, we worked in the designing of it again, as I was writing in the idea of him being able to fight in it,” he added. “And so they started illustrating and I'd say, I'd say we spent easily, a year to do the bat suit and then to get into the Batmobile and that of course, that part's a dream, I mean you know you start the idea of getting to do your own version of the Batmobile is like you just kind of like that.”

When it comes to a character with as long of a history as Batman, Reeves talked about how he wanted to try and give a fresh take on The Caped Crusader at DC FanDome.

"What's really important about this iteration is that a lot of the other stories are about how he had to master his fear, and master himself, in order to become Batman. And that in that Batman state, he's sort of his best self," Reeves explained. "For me, what was exciting was not doing that, not doing the origin, not doing what we've seen done so beautifully in other movies."

The director wanted to "meet him in the middle of this criminological experiment to see him in the becoming of Batman, and to see him make mistakes as Batman. To see him grow, and fail, and be heroic, and do all of the things that we associate with Batman, but in a way that felt very human and very flawed."


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Photo by MEGA/GC Images