Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Spy Unveils a Lighter, Brighter Superman Costume

Zack Snyder's color palette was one of the biggest complaints that many fans had going into Man of Steel, and coming out of it, the general sense of bleakness many felt the movie suffered from was certainly tied to that palette in many of the critiques of the film.

This time around, it seems that while we'll be visiting Gotham City (not known for its gleaming, futuristic facades), at least Superman himself will be a bit...sunnier? 

Lighter blue, anyway. And with more yellow in the shield.

Obviously there's a high-resolution version of an official image already available, but because of the way those images have been lit and filtered, it was really only speculated just what kind of changes we'd get to Superman's look. a new, fan-shot photo seems to clinch it:


That's not a bad look on him...!