Batman Vs. Superman: Jason Momoa Could Be Up For Doomsday Or Martian Manhunter Role

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Jason Momoa is in talks for a role in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie, but it's unclear as to whether he will be playing a villain or a hero. According to the Hollywood Reporter, there's been speculation that Momoa could be up to either play the villain Doomsday or the hero Martian Manhunter. It's been rumored that Batman Vs. Superman will feature two Superman villains, and Doomsday is one of the villain names that has come up repeatedly. As first reported by, there was even a Doomsday Easter Egg in the extras for the Man of Steel Blu-Ray. In the comic books, Doomsday is known for having killed Superman. Of course, Batman Vs. Superman has also been shaping up to look a lot like a Justice League movie recently. Wonder Woman has already been confirmed to be joining the cast with Flash also reportedly likely. With his muscular build, Momoa could be a good fit to play Martian Manhunter. Jason Momoa is best known for playing Khal Drogo in HBO's Game of Thrones and for playing Conan in 2011's Conan the Barbarian. Batman Vs. Superman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on July 17, 2015.