Tom Holland Shuts Down Viral Ben 10 Fan Casting

Over the weekend, a viral photo of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland as the popular Cartoon Network [...]

Over the weekend, a viral photo of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland as the popular Cartoon Network character Ben 10 went viral. The photo by graphic designer spdrmnkyxxiii circulated across social media and had a few articles written about it, before its inclusion in the Instagram meme world caught the attention of Holland himself. Holland is quite busy these days, his The Devil All The Time is due out on Netflix in September, the upcoming Cherry movie is looking for a release date, the Uncharted adaptation is getting production underway, and Spider-Man 3 is slated to film later this year. As for Ben 10 fitting into that schedule, Holland simply says, "No."

Though it won't star Tom Holland, a Ben 10 film seems inevitably at some point. Near the release of the Ben 10 reboot, spoke with Man of Action members Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Roselau. They talked about how that more mature focus actually motivated them to revisit Ben's childhood days in the reboot.

"A big wake-up call for all of us was when Joe Casey came into the room a couple of years ago and he said 'I'm done with plot!'" Seagle shared. "And he's a provocateur, he likes to make pronouncements like that. But in a lot of ways, he was right: plot is the problem. These stories need to be thematically-based."

Holland's comment on the Instagram post by popular meme account @Daquan can be seen below.

(Photo: Instagram)

Seagle adds: "We're always trying to tell stories about a something that a kid is thinking about or worrying about or wishing about, and then we let the plot come to it after that. That way, the show can kind of stay fresh forever, because themes are limitless. You can constantly evaluate them in different ways, whereas plot drove him to age, drove him to learn things and commit to things. It evolved the show in a great way that was fun, but in a way that left kids behind in the dust."

The original Ben 10 design with Holland in the part can be seen in the artist's Instagram post below.

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