Ben Affleck Stars in Hilarious New Superhero Trailer Directed by J.J. Abrams

Move aside Justice League! Take a seat, Avengers! The Terrific Ten have finally arrived in their debut trailer, and they quickly put every other superhero team to shame.

Okay so the this movie isn't actually real, but the trailer kind of makes us wish that it was. Watch the video above and you'll understand why.

To celebrate Jimmy Kimmel's 50th birthday, Ben Affleck and J.J. Abrams surprised him with a trailer for The Terrific Ten, a comic book that Kimmel created when he was a child. The book featured a character named Muscle Man, who fought to save the world against the evil Mr. Bolt.

Affleck starred in the trailer as Muscle Man. To no one's surprise, Kimmel's all-time rival Matt Damon played the villainous Mr. Bolt. The rest of the team boasted a star-studded cast, with Billy Crudup as Color Kid, Zach Galifianakis as Super Duck, Shaquille O'Neal as Spire, Ty Burrell as Mirgiv, Will Arnett as Meinstrom, Jason Bateman as Bendolite, Jon Hamm as Lucky Lad, Cousin Sal as Super Sal and Jennifer Aniston as Laser Lass.

The entire team confronts Damon's Mr. Bolt in a hilarious stand-off, as he releases one of his greatest weapons, The Bleachmaster, a box of bleach played by Wanda Sykes.

The second half of the trailer consists of all the characters making fun of how terrible each of them are, given that they were created by a nine-year-old.

Check out the full trailer for The Terrific Ten above, and cross your fingers that the movie can maybe one day see the light of day.