Netflix Teaming With Paramount and Eddie Murphy for New Beverly Hills Cop Movie

After years of trying to reboot the Beverly Hills Cop franchise with a new movie, it looks like [...]

After years of trying to reboot the Beverly Hills Cop franchise with a new movie, it looks like Paramount has finally figured out how to get the Eddie Murphy franchise back off the ground. Netflix, the home of Murphy's Oscar-worthy comeback Dolemite Is My Name, will continue in its partnership with the beloved actor and produce a fourth installment of Beverly Hills Cop. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer is also returning for the new movie, which will ultimately be released on Netflix.

According to Deadline, Paramount has made a one-time licensing deal with Netflix to produce another Beverly Hills Cop movie, with the option for one additional sequel. The news couldn't come at a better time for Netflix, as the company's newest and most substantial rival, Disney+, just launched on Tuesday.

There's no word as to when production on the new series will begin, but Murphy revealed in an interview with Collider last month that Beverly Hills Cop would be his next project after the Coming to America sequel was finished.

"Yeah, that's what we're doing after Coming to America, we're doing Beverly Hills Cop and then, then the plan is to get back on stage and do stand up and then kind of that's what I'll be doing mostly is stand up and Beverly Hills Cop," Murphy said.

"I keep saying it, these movies and Saturday Night Live I'm looking at it as a book end and if I decide I just want to stay on the couch forever I ended it on a funny note and I'll do standup if I'm feeling creative," he continued. "I can get up on stage and do my standup and if, you know, some incredible filmmaker comes along with some great movie or there's a great opportunity, but I'm not going to be making movies two three a year like I back in the early days because I like to just be home with the kids."

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