BRZRKR Panel Recap and Footage Description Comic-Con 2022

Keanu Reeves is bringing a record-breaking new comic book series to the big screen: BZRKR, the story of a half-god immortal locked in a cycle of bloodshed and death across the ages. Now that BZRKR is a hit comic (with its highly-anticipated ending in sight), it's time for it to become a hit film! Major figures from the BOOM! Studios creative team for BRZRKR came to San Diego Comic-Con 2022 – including Keanu Reeves! 

Needless to say, Keanu Reeves got a rousing applause from the Hall H crowd after moderator Coy Jandreau brought him out. After some clips the BRZRKR comic were played. Reeves talked about how his idea about "A guy who could punch through chests," gave birth to BRZRKR – thanks to the creative team that supported him. 

Matt Kindt talked about the series and the complexity of doing an immortal character. He would later add that it's not JUST the "punching through the chest" stuff: there's real heart in the character to explore. 

Artist Ron Garney echoed the joy of getting to draw a character who could do the violence that we get in the series – though he goes a bit too far with suggesting there's cannibalism involved. On a serious note, Garney says that there are deeper levels to the complex character, that is fun to explore. When he doubles down on the love of violence, Reeves reminds him BRZRKR is a story "about humanity... and the nature of violence." The moderator joked that we're seeing the writers room happen in real-time.  

Garnet would go on to elaborate about BRZRKR's subplot story with his mother, who he was deeply connected to. There are layers here. 

Keanu talks about how he really was supported in his creative endeavors by BOOM!, mentioning key people that contributed, and calling them "masters of their craft." Reeves goes on to describe the first day he held BRZRKR #1 in his hand, whispering that it was "the best f*&^ing Christmas day!" ever. It only got more delightful when he actually read it and loved the stories. 

Editor-in-Chieef Eric Harburn talks about how BRZRKR was a game-changer for BOOM! with its record-breaking success. E-i-C Matt Gagnon joins Harburn in thanks Reeves for coming in and helping make this happen. 

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

Discussion of the ending of BRZRKR has Reeves joking that the end me not be THE end ("Is it?....."). He points out that the saga of an immortal is ripe for a whole lot of further interpretation and storytelling. It is further confirmed that not only will BRZRKR continue on as a feature-film, but a Netflix series, as well. 

Screenwriter Mattson Tomlin talks about adapting MRZRKR into a movie. He recognizes the pressure on his shoulders to deliver and continue the success that the other BRZRKR creators have achieved. He says that for him, the idea of one man who's been the same force across 80,000 years of change and evolution in the world is a thrilling hook he's excited to explore. 

Stephen Christy kicks off talk of the BRZRKR anime talking about Keanu being a true-blue comic fan (Reeves disputes he's a green belt to the brown, black, and don belts of the other panelists). It's confirmed that BRZRKR's Netflix anime is going to get two seasons, and that Production IG (Ghost in the Shell) will be the studio producing it.

Keanu Reeves talks anime. He was just a kid in Canada growing up and seeing anime on the one TV station that broadcast it late-night. He would discover anime in full after doing The Matrix – though he admits that it's not him (but kids in his family) who are the real anime-heads now. He loves the type of stories anime tells (morality tales, rumination on exceptionalism, etc) as well as calling the medium some of the "coolest sh*t" I've ever seen!" 

Christy and Reeves elaborate on the fun and boundless possibilities that the anime format offers BRZRKR. It's going to be gnarly. 

Garney talks about how his martial arts background influences BRZRKR. He focuses on the fluidity of martial arts informing how he draws the artwork and action of the series. Tomlin speaks about how Keanu Reeves came to him with an edit to a scene, telling him that he shouldn't be thinking of a scene in terms of how BRZRKR deals with foes in a fight – that it should be how BRZRKR's foes deal with HIM. Tomlin adds that it's a screenwriting challenge (and joy) to be writing a character who is truly "A force of nature" unlike so many others. 

There's talk among the panel about different fun ways that the BRZRKR franchise can continue – and all the ways they can play with the character concept. They tease all kinds of time periods that they've discussed exploring, and all kinds of ways they've considered taking the character. With the final chapter of the first volume coming up, the question of what the future holds loomed very large in the room. Keanu refused to give up any details at all (issues #11 & #12 were left out of a promo visual) – other than something will happen with Diana, some characters MAY get what they want, and things will get complicated for BRZRKR. There will be another double-issue in the finale, like the first issue, and Keanu says Ron has been in the bunker working hard ("And eating lots of mushrooms!" Garney said, before adding "Kidding." 

A BRZRKR novel gets announced – that will "upend" what we think a BRZRKR story can be. Keanu Reeves teased the crowd with how he unexpectedly snagged one of his favorite authors to do the project – but Random House rules are keeping him quiet. Reeves struggled to keep the name off his lips throughout his entire anecdote about getting to meet this mysterious person and hammer out the details of the project. Matt Gagon echoed that this mysterious author is great and will help BRZRKR thrive in the medium of a book page!