Captain America: Civil War Spoiler Reveals Who Spider-Man Fights

Potential Major Spoiler For Captain America: Civil War Below.….Still with us? Alright, then.As [...]

Potential Major Spoiler For Captain America: Civil War Below.

….Still with us? Alright, then.

As Captain America: Civil War wraps up production in Germany, a major rumor has leaked from the set.

As many know, Tom Holland is currently there to film a certain number of scenes as Spider-Man and/or Peter Parker. But as Heroic Hollywood is now reporting, Holland's Spider-Man is reportedly there to film a very crucial fight scene with none other than Chris Evans' Captain America.

While Heroic Hollywood couldn't offer any more details on the fight or scene, the rumored information does suggest that Spider-Man will join Iron Man's side of the superhero civil war, at least for the beginning. This would mirror events in the original Civil War comic, where Spider-Man and Captain America clashed before Spider-Man eventually joined Cap's team.

Do you think this rumor is true? Do you want to see Captain America and Spider-Man duke it out? Let us know in the comments!

Captain America: Civil War opens on May 6, 2016.