Captain Marvel 2 Will Have Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau

Today's Disney Investor Day touched upon every point in Disney's movie and television empire, and that definitely included the MCU. While we got plenty of new information for Disney+, we also got several big details regarding the movie universe, and Captain Marvel fans were not left out. One of the big reveals happened to involve Captain Marvel 2, and it turns out the much anticipated sequel will not just feature Cap, but also Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Monica Rambeau, so it seems the whole squad's going to make an appearance. Now if we could just get Jessica Drew the team could really be complete.

We aren't sure in what capacity they will be featured, but we cannot wait to see Ms. Marvel and Cap on the same screen, especially since Kamala continues to be so inspired by Carol.

As for Monica, the last time we saw her she was a young girl saying goodbye to Aunt Carol as she headed off into space to help the Skrulls find a new home. Monica is also set to make an appearance in the upcoming WandaVision as an adult, so you know fans are eager to see these two reunite onscreen.

There are still a lot of blanks to fill in, like the status of their relationship, the status of Maria Rambeau, and if Monica has any powers like her comic counterpart.

We're excited to learn the answer to those questions and more, and this film is already starting to sound just as epic as we expected.


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