Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Cinematographer Cried Filming Chadwick Boseman’s Performance

The cinematographer on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom says that he cried the entire time he filmed [...]

The cinematographer on Ma Rainey's Black Bottom says that he cried the entire time he filmed Chadwick Boseman's performance. In a conversation with The Wrap, Tobias Schliessler spoke about a long career that included hits like Dreamgirls and Friday Night Lights. But, now the cinematographer knows that he had the privilege of filming the Black Panther star in his final feature. The experience of being in the presence of Viola Davis and Boseman has left a mark on him. Schliesser's emotion being that evident on set just goes to show how much the Marvel actor was bringing in this performance. Critics and audiences seem to agree on the quality of the film as well. The legend has now obtained multiple nominations at the Golden Globe awards, and talk of an Oscar nomination seems like a mere formality at this point.

"Oh, my God. Heartbroken. Heartbroken because, for me, watching him work was such an inspiration. There were times while making the movie that I cried as we were filming his performance, from behind my monitor, because it was so touching," he explained. "And then to know what he went through with his illness. I didn't know at the time. Can you imagine, to get yourself into the emotional space for those scenes? How exhausting that much have been for Chadwick."'s Spencer Perry reviewed the film and called it a special gift for all of the actor's fans.

"His raw and ferocious presence can be felt throughout the film, which speaks volumes to his work standing alongside the titan that is Davis' character," Perry said. "It's also refreshing to see Boseman just playing a regular person, too, someone who curses and cuts up and has ambitions that are small and relatable. It's a powerful thing to watch. I'll also note that supporting stars Colman Domingo, Michael Potts, and Glynn Turman all hold their own against him, as they share most of their screentime with Boseman throughout."

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