Superman: The Man of Tomorrow: Clark Throws Down With Lobo In New Clip (Exclusive)

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided with an exclusive first look at a scene [...]

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided with an exclusive first look at a scene from the upcoming animated film, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow. The first in a new line of DC Universe animated movies, following the end of the previous "era" with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War earlier this year, Man of Tomorrow brings together an all-new voice cast and a different animation style that will send the characers off in an unexpected direction going forward. In the clip, you can see part of the first battle between Lobo and Clark Kent -- before he's dubbed "Superman," and before he has his costume.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow will be an original story featuring a young Clark Kent still early in his career as Superman. He faces of against Lobo and White Martians, with J'Onn J'Onzz by his side.

Like DC's Rebirth initiative in the comics, breaking away from the look and feel of The New 52 will allow the films to embrace a modern reinvention of a classic aesthetic, starting with the company's first (and best) superhero.

Darren Criss, best known for Glee but already a part of the DC family as the Music Meister from the Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover, will play Superman in the film. Zachary Quinto of Heroes and Star Trek fame will voice Lex Luthor. Some of the other casting choices revealed in this initial reveal give fans an idea of what the movie will be like, too, with two villains -- Lobo and The Parasite -- named.

The art, which you can see below, feels a bit like a modern update of the classic Super Friends look, with the simple lines and Superman's hair seeming almost painted on to the top of his head. Obviously the shading, the computer imagery, and other aspects make it obvious this is not recycled animation, but in terms of the defining features of the characters' faces and bodies, it has a classic look to it.

Alexandra Daddario, who finds herself constantly fan-cast in live-action superheroine roles, will voice Lois Lane in the movie. Brett Dalton from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will be Parasite, while Lobo will be voiced by The Walking Dead's Ryan Hurst. EW lists the rest of the cast as Ike Amadi (Mass Effect 3) as fellow superhero Martian Manhunter, Neil Flynn (Scrubs) as Jonathan Kent, and Bellamy Young (Scandal) as Martha Kent.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow is directed by Chris Palmer (Voltron: Legendary Defender) and written by Tim Sheridan (The Death of Superman), with Butch Lukic (Justice League, Batman Beyond) serving as supervising producer.