The Christmas Chronicles Director Address Possibilities of a Third Movie

Once again, Netflix is conquering the Christmas season with new original movies that subscribers [...]

Once again, Netflix is conquering the Christmas season with new original movies that subscribers can't stop talking about. Two years after Kurt Russell debuted as Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles, the streaming service released its highly-anticipated sequel, The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two, and fans are already wondering if there will be a third movie in the franchise. recently spoke with director Chris Columbus, who casually mentioned the possibility of Christmas Chronicles 3 when talking about the themes of Part Two.

"There's a poignant moment in the movie where they're watching the kids making snow angels, and Mrs. Claus says, 'It's so nice to have real children in the village again,'" Columbus explained. "But you're like, 'We never explain why she feels that way. There's some sort of hidden, slightly dark, melancholy thing in their past that we don't know about.' And I love the fact that we don't deal with it in this movie. It's in some of the notes that Kurt wrote. We know what it is. Maybe it connects if we're lucky enough to do a third."

So, based on that comment, there have at least been thoughts behind the scenes about what a potential third Christmas Chronicles movie could be about. Unfortunately, there haven't been any actual discussions yet.

"I don't know. But it's interesting because right now I can't even think about what the third potential movie could be," he told us. "But we're certainly set up to open up this world even more."

It sounds like, even though a third Christmas Chronicles isn't currently on the official table, the team behind the franchise would like to continue the story.

After the first Christmas Chronicles, fans instantly assumed there would be a sequel on the way at some point. The film ended with a credits tag that featured Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus, teasing a bigger role for her in the future of the franchise. Part Two didn't end with any kind of tease, and there weren't ever plans to do so.

"Not really," the director said. "Once we got to the end of this film, thematically, I knew we had to end where we did, where we do, because the whole part of the theme in the movie is about bringing families together. And part of that theme is very obvious in the final sequence of the film.

"And the main theme of the film is, and it's really poignant today dealing with COVID, is Christmas isn't about where you are. It's about who you're with. That's become much more poignant to me since all of this started happening. There's more isolation."

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