Christopher Nolan Denies Marvel Studios Comment

The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan has issued a statement denying that he is responsible for a quote that has been widely circulating and attributed to him over the last day or so.

During a lengthy, glowing profile of the filmmaker in The Guardian, a single quote stuck out -- and drove some controversy -- as it appeared Nolan had put Marvel Studios and other big blockbusters that end on a teaser for their sequel in his crosshairs.

"A real movie wouldn't do that" when he was asked whether he and Zack Snyder had considered post-credits "stinger" scene a la Marvel Studios for Man of Steel.

The director faced persistent questions about whether there might be such a sequence in The Dark Knight Rises leading into Man of Steel, or in Man of Steel teasing what would be next. He always denied there would be (and obviously there wasn't), but hadn't previously expressed such disdain for the practice.

"I would never say someone else's film isn't 'a real film,'" Nolan said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. "The quote is inaccurate."


Buzzfeed further related that a source clarified the lack of post-credits scenes was indeed a creative choice -- but one meant to help establish a different feel and "forge a different path" from the Marvel Studios movies, not because the storytelling device can't be taken seriously.

The Guardian hasn't yet responded to Nolan's denial.