Kevin Smith Celebrates 15th Anniversary of Clerks II

Wanna feel old? July 21st marks 15 years since Kevin Smith's Clerks II hit theatres. The movie was [...]

Wanna feel old? July 21st marks 15 years since Kevin Smith's Clerks II hit theatres. The movie was Smith's follow-up to the 1994 hit, Clerks, and he's now working on a third installment. In fact, it was announced this week that Lionsgate acquired worldwide distribution rights to the long-awaited threequel, which is expected to go into production next month. In the midst of celebrating Clerks III, Smith also took the time to hop on Instagram and pay tribute to Clerks II in honor of its anniversary.

"CLERKS II came out 15 years ago today! It remains one of my favorite things I've ever done, professionally or personally. @thedarknatereturns commemorates the occasion with another amazing poster! A week from Monday, we start shooting CLERKS III - and the 7 leads shown here are all returning," Smith wrote.

He continued, "While getting ready for Clerks III inside the former RST Video, I found this old VHS I left behind in 1994. It's full of 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' episodes I taped when I used to work at @quickstopgroceries. The kid whose chicken scratch handwriting adorns this nearly 30-year-old VHS tape had no idea that he'd one day get paid to write an unmade #Superman script - or that he'd eventually direct episodes of @supergirlcw & @cwtheflash.Or that he'd have 3 former Batman actors in @jayandsilentbob Reboot. Or that he'd write comics for @marvel & @dccomics. Or that he'd ever work on a @masters anything. Or that he'd not only meet @therealstanlee, but that they'd also become friends. Or that he'd host a TV show starring his friends on @comicbookmenamc."

Smith concluded, "The kid who recorded that videotape has no f*cking clue where his love of movies, TV, comics, and pop culture would take him over the next 27 years. I know I shouldn't speak for that kid - but I do know him a little bit, and I think it's fair to say he didn't see any of this coming. But not a day goes my where he's not thankful for all those opportunities either."

You can check out the post below:

At the beginning of the year, Smith shared that he finished writing the first draft of Clerks III. The director previously broke down the movie's plot and a tweet revealed that the Clerks III will (unsurprisingly) take place almost entirely at Quick Stop.

Stay tuned for more updates on Clerks III. In the meantime, Clerks is streaming on HBO Max and Clerks II is free with ads on Vudu.