Fantastic Four Cast Interview: Comparing Film To Batman Begins

Last week, had the chance to speak with the Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan of the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

Despite not having seen the film yet, they have their opinions on the film and the future of the franchise. After compared the tone of Fantastic Four to that of Batman Begins, Jamie Bell analyzed the Christopher Nolan franchise, possibly hinting at the future of Josh Trank's Fantastic Four saga and some big changes coming it's way.

You can read the exchange below!


CB: Have you seen the movie yet?

Mara, Jordan, & Bell: No!

Jordan: Do you feel confident about it?

CB: It reminded me tonally of Batman Begins and look what that led to.

Bell: Yeah, that's true!

Mara: What happened after Batman Begins?

Bell: It just went crazy!

CB: The Dark Knight!

Bell: You know what's cool about that, though, for example, is the way Gotham City was represented. It never went back to that tonally. It was all slummy and a train running through the middle of the city, like slum city. It's the idea. They completely went for that in the first one and completely abandoned the tone in the rest of the other movies. We never see that again. It's almost like if the next movies are in a completely different world.

Jordan: Yeah, like Gotham and Arkham and all that. Yeah.

Bell: Yeah, it was a completely different tone and people didn't even mind.


Fantastic Four hits theaters August 7.