Could a Doctor Strange Solo Title Be Coming?

With a Doctor Strange movie in development and rumors that a casting announcement could come at [...]

With a Doctor Strange movie in development and rumors that a casting announcement could come at next week's Comic Con International: San Diego or even sooner, what are the odds that the character will get his own, ongoing solo comic for the first time in years?

Seemingly pretty good, if the just-released Avengers NOW! teaser is any indication.

The image, shown at right, features a number of high-profile Marvel characters, almost all of whom either have a movie or TV show in the works right now. Another thing they have in common? Almost everyone in the image has an ongoing, solo comic book series starring them.

Given the character's prominence in Original Sin, and his appearance in the teaser image, can we expect a solo title to be announced soon?

Strange can be a hard sell, but it's not without precedent to make a critically- and financially-successful book. A star writer helps -- the Brian K. Vaughan miniseries Doctor Strange: The Oath was well-done, and the involvement of Vaughan helped to attract some attention to it.

Who else might be able to bring some eyeballs to Strange? It's hard to ignore Thor: God of Thunder scribe Jason Aaron; he's a star, widely liked by Marvel fans, and coming off of Original Sin, one of Marvel's best-liked and best-reviewed "event" comics in years.

Oh, and one that features Strange heavily. The back-and-forth between Strange and The Punisher has been a highlight of the series and while it's unlikely that would carry over to a Doctor Strange monthly, you could have a similar dynamic with any more normal human, even an apprentice in a pinch, since much of the humor just comes from the elevated way that Strange often speaks and juxtaposes it against the matter-of-factness of Castle.

Coming off of Original Sin and with a movie on the horizon and a ton of buzz around Comic Con International: San Diego next week, the next little while might be the best time we'll get for quite a while to announce a Doctor Strange ongoing. Will they?