Daniel Craig Addresses Marvel Cinematic Universe Casting Rumors (Exclusive)

Daniel Craig addressed those Marvel Cinematic Universe casting rumors. During a Glass Onion interview with Comicbook.com, Craig played it a bit coy, but said, "I should be so lucky," when asked about doing a franchise like that. It's been reported that the James Bond actor was almost in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Blader the Brave. Marvel has been trying to get that character into a project for a while now, so it would have been a nice way to nod at that lineage. Audiences already celebrated the Illuminati inclusions that were there, and that excitement would have been even greater if Craig did show up. Will he appear somewhere down the line? We'll all have to wait and see!

Comicbook.com's Phase Zero podcast spoke to Multiverse of Madness costume designer Graham Churchyard about the possible inclusion. He was very forthcoming about the Thor character almost popping up in the movie. It seemed very close to the finish line, but just didn't end up happening for whatever reason.

"We got very far designing Balder the Brave and then we were waiting, and waiting, and waiting on casting," Churchyard revealed. "I took it to a prototype stage, we were kind of in that design thing, getting fabrics together and ideas and waiting for an actor. Poor Balder the Brave, he almost made Thor 1, and Thor 2, and Thor 3, if I can simplify that. Then, it's just like, 'Yay! He's gonna get an appearance!' Poor guy. I've seen designs Marvel's archive book of Balder's helmet going back to Kenneth Branagh's Thor. So, he's been a long time waiting and I don't think he's gonna make an appearance any time soon."

"Because of this stupid thing called COVID there was a travel ban and I was unable to go to the States," Churchyard added. "I live in the UK here on the south coast. Basically, it got to a point where they... They had another couple of characters that were back in the design stage in the UK like Balder the Brave and because oof just the way that we couldn't bring a lot of these actors over because of travel ban in reverse and sort of constraints... We couldn't bring Patrick Stewart over to shoot at the same time as Hayley Atwell. Hayley Atwell was into M:I 7 and other things. So, this sort of dream of getting the Illuminati all in one room at the same time didn't happen in London. It just about happened in LA over something like a six month time span which is an extraordinary thing. It's like, the Illuminati, when I got those pages, it's just like, 'This is like a whole movie in itself because it could just expand so much.'"

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