DC's Cyborg Rumored Again To Appear In The Flash Movie

Warner Bros.' forthcoming movie based on DC's The Flash, which first was, and then wasn't, and now [...]

Warner Bros.' forthcoming movie based on DC's The Flash, which first was, and then wasn't, and now probably is an adaptation of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's Flashpoint miniseries, is once again rumored to have a featured role planned for Victor Stone (Ray Fisher), the hero known as Cyborg. Vic and Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) were said, before the release of the Justice League movie, to be essentially the two young, cool guys who find friendship with one another. The idea that they would be friends was supposed to make them obvious choices to play off of each other in their respective solo movies.

After Justice League bombed, though, the future of the DC films was up in the air, and smart money said the Cyborg movie would never happen. The Flash underwent a number of changes, from subject matter to creative team, casting into doubt the idea that any early plans for Ezra Miller's version of the character would still be followed when and if a movie finally became a reality.

As with the Flashpoint story itself, the idea of Fisher's Cyborg playing a significant role in the movie has come and gone a couple of times, at least as far as the rumor mill is concerned. That makes some degree of sense, given that Cyborg plays an important role in the Flashpoint comics, serving essentially as Superman -- the most respected and most "official" superhero in the U.S.

The idea that Vic and Barry still had a close relationship was hinted at in "Crisis on Infinite Earths," the CW/Arrowverse event in which Miller's Barry showed up in the Speed Force, met the Barry Allen of Earth-1 (Grant Gustin), and liked the sound of the name "The Flash." As he vanished from the Speed Force (presumably either to go back to his Earth, or because his Earth had been destroyed by the Anti-Monitor), the movie version of Barry said, "I told Vic this was possible."

The current plan is for the film to adapt Flashpoint, with Miller and Billy Crudup (who played his father, Henry Allen) set to return in their roles. Iris West may or may not be played by Kiersey Clemons; the actress was cast in Justice League and then cut from the final version of the movie -- but moreover, she was supposed to be in The Flash back when Rick Famuyiwa, whose movie Dope had featured Clemons. It is hard to know what to make of recent rumors that Warner is looking to recast Clemons, since even if it's true, it's hard to know whether that would be their choice, hers, or a scheduling conflict.