Disney Villain Lost Her Head on a Disneyland Ride Over the Weekend

Things got terrifying at Disney Parks over the weekend.Park-goers attending Disney's California [...]

Things got terrifying at Disney Parks over the weekend.

Park-goers attending Disney's California Adventure on Sunday were given a scare when an animatronic villain literally lost its head on one of the rides.

The poor unfortunate souls riding The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure this weekend were having a good time on the ride, right up until the time they turned the corner to see the villainous Ursula. Usually the animatronic character sings her song and moves back and forth, just as those on other rides do.

This time however, something was very wrong.

Ursula was still singing, and still swaying side-to-side, but her head had fallen off of her body. Connected by just a few chords and wires, Ursula's head hung in front of her, leaving her exposed robotics for every rider to see.

What made matters even worse was that the song wasn't affected. Ursula's decapitated head continued to sing her song, her mouth moving along with the words. As you can see in the video below, it was beyond uncomfortable.

Disney's California Adventure wasn't the only park to have this issue over the weekend. Over in Disneyland Paris, the auctioneer from Pirates of the Caribbean also lost his head in the middle of the ride. The show went on, just as it did with Ursula, creeping plenty of fans out along the way.

Are the Disney characters facing some sort of epidemic?! How many more must lose their heads before this madness is brought to an end?