Django Unchained: How to Score Comic-Con Exclusive T-Shirts

Beginning yesterday, a group of studio representatives have been wandering San Diego Comic-Con International wearing cowboy hats and boots and brandishing the convention-exclusive t-shirts seen at right. You want that t-shirt? Well, you don't have to challenge him to a gunfight to get it. Here's the process, per a press release from The Weinstein Company:

To do so, they must spot an outlaw at SDCC, equipped in a limited edition t-shirt, cowboy hat and jeans and tell them the secret code, "the d is silent." They will be given a redemption coin to bring back to Django City where they'll be eligible to receive a limited edition SDCC shirt, VIP tickets to exclusive Django Unchained events.
Django Unchained

is directed by Quentin Tarantino and stars Leonardo DiCaprio. It will have a Comic-Con panel in Hall H on Saturday and will be released to theaters on Christmas Day.