Fan Imagines A Michael Bay Inspired 'Dora The Explorer' Movie Poster

A Dora the Explorer movie is coming to theaters, and while it won't be produced by Michael Bay, it [...]

A Dora the Explorer movie is coming to theaters, and while it won't be produced by Michael Bay, it is fun to think about what could have been.

That's what the latest slick poster from BossLogic does in spades. The film was first reported to include Bay as a producer, and that, of course, brings things like giant explosions, huge action set pieces, and epic camera swerves to mind. This poster envisions all that with a distinctly Dora flair, and with actress Becky G in the lead role.

Becky G (Power Rangers) is poised on her purple and black ATV, and features her trademark costume, though it has seen better days. Heavy bandages on her arms show she's been through some things on her journey. That especially goes for her eye, which has a bandage with a happy face on it.

She's also got her trademark backpack, but it looks like she traded in her map for a Katana, which is probably a wise choice if the giant explosions of cars behind her is any indication.

You can see the epic image in the post above.

As for the real film, Bay's production company Platinum Dunes is overseeing the project, but Bay isn't actually involved. His partners Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will oversee production on the movie.

While it will lack the Bay trademarks, it does have some great talent working on the script. Forgetting Sarah Marshal's Nicholas Stoller is currently writing it, who also has plenty of experience with family-friendly fare like Storks and The Muppets.

The Dora television series continues to be one of Nickelodeon's most iconic franchises, though many probably didn't expect a live action version. The show follows a young girl who sets out on adventures with her friends like Backpack, Map, Diego, and her monkey named Boots helping her along the way.

While not much is known about the plot, the film will supposedly revolve around Dora as a teenager, where she moves to the big city with her cousin Diego, who has his own successful television show as well.

Paramount Pictures is looking at a 2019 release.

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