E.T. Star Addresses Likelihood of Beloved Film Ever Getting a Sequel

The release of Top Gun: Maverick this year proved that, even after more than 30 years, the right sequel could be developed to capture audiences' attention like a film that started it all, but according to star of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Henry Thomas, he doesn't see that Steven Speilberg film following the same path. This isn't to say that the concept won't ever be revisited or revived for a new generation, but with fans having previously been given a short-form reunion between the beloved alien and Thomas' Elliott, it seems that's as close as we're going to get. Thomas can next be seen in Crawlspace, which is available now on Digital HD.

"There had been ideas kicked around over the years. There were some serious talks early on because the studio was really pushing for it, to follow up the success of the 1982 season," Thomas shared with ComicBook.com about either a sequel or a reboot of the original ever taking shape. "That's why the commercial, I think Spielberg okayed the commercial because that's as close to a sequel as he's willing to go, as he's willing to allow. The response for that Xfinity spot was so overwhelming and people thought it was a teaser for a sequel which created a huge, huge stir on the internet. I don't know if it made it past the internet."

In the Xfinity ad, E.T. returned to Earth to visit a now-grown Elliott, spending time with his family and experiencing various technological developments in the years since their last encounter. The conceit of the commercial is to encourage viewers to "reconnect for the holidays," which is made easier through both Xfinity's internet services and their various cable offerings.

While the plans Thomas mentioned Spielberg having never moved forward, details of the experience have been revealed over the years. The follow-up, reportedly titled E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears, would have seen aliens from another planet visit Earth to kidnap Elliott and his friends, requiring E.T. to save the day. With the original plan for E.T. being to lean much more into the realm of horror before becoming a family-friendly outing, the sequel would have leaned into those abandoned horror elements.

The new Crawlspace is described, "He's trapped... terrified... and yet more dangerous than they could possibly imagine. After witnessing a brutal murder in a remote cabin, plumber Robert (Henry Thomas) hides in a cramped crawlspace while the killers scour the property for a hidden fortune. As the killers draw nearer, Robert must decide if the crawlspace will be his tomb... or the battleground in his fight for survival."  

Stay tuned for possible details on the future of E.T. Crawlspace is available now on Digital HD.

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