Enola Holmes Star Henry Cavill Reveals How He Made Sherlock Holmes His Own

Enola Holmes star Henry Cavill revealed how he made Sherlock Holmes his own for the Netflix movie. Viewers have been loving the newest version of the crime-solving family. There was a lot of conversation around a feminine-focused effort this time, but the vision seems to have connected as the film finds itself ranked high in the Netflix algorithm. Funny enough, with Sherlock usually being a very distant character, the Witcher star had to dig into his personal life for some inspiration. He told Access about the process of making Sherlock his own. Luckily his director and co-star Millie Bobby Brown were all too ready to help draw that emotion out.

“With this, so much of it was on the page anyway,” he began. “Harry and I, Harry brad beer and I spent a lot of time talking about me. Talking about my experiences. Talking about my relationship with my family. My brothers, my parents, and my hopes and my dreams. Then, he found certain key characteristics in me that he wanted to really apply to the character of Sherlock. The relationships with the various people I’ve had in my life. And then, we sat down, myself, Harry, and Millie.

“We rehearsed stuff and initially there was a lot more in the way of emotional stuff coming out because it was digging deep into my own personal stuff. We pared it back and what we were left with an emotionally connected Sherlock,” Cavill added. “But, only emotionally connected with one person. And that was Enola. I loved building that part of the character. He’s still this rather eccentric, odd, weird, aloof genius detective as far as the outside world is concerned. As far as anyone else is concerned. But, his relationship with Enola is very specific and very unique. I enjoyed crafting that with my director and my co-stars.”

If Millie Bobby Brown has anything to say about it, there should be some sequels for the Netflix hit.


"I was like, 'Oh, yeah, I'll just do one movie, like, obviously…' and then as soon as I went on set and I played [Enola], I fell in love with her, and she became part of my heart," Brown told EW. "I always said I loved playing Eleven [on Stranger Things] because I didn't just do one thing and then stop playing her. I love that I can continually play her, and with the Enola book series… I really am optimistic about the future. I'm so looking forward to [hopefully] getting back to work."

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