Entourage: Five Best Cameos

Entourage is all about celebrities. Literally. But in it's first time on the big screen, it may [...]


Entourage is all about celebrities. Literally. But in it's first time on the big screen, it may have had more celebrity cameos that it did in it's entire eight season run. Several A-list stars and professional athletes popped up including Liam Nesson, Rob Gronkowski, Kelsey Grammer, Ed Harris, and Andrew Dice Clay.

Some of the cameos were more fun than others. We've picked the five best cameos from the Entourage movie an listed them below!



It's easy to forget about T.I.'s appearance in Entourage only because it came before the onslaught of cameos throughout the movie. When E accompanied Sloan to a doctor visit regarding her pregnancy, T.I. burst onto the screen with is wife. E greeted him and asked how he was doing but the rapper wasn't doing well. His reaction to finding out he had another baby on the way was priceless.


Jon Favreau

Iron Man star and director Jon Favreau attended Vince's beach screening party. Of course, when Drama caught up with him, he was asking for a spot in Iron Man 3. Favreau informed Drama that Iron Man 3 has already been done, so Drama pushed on for Iron Man 4, claiming that Favreau already excluded him from Swingers.


Armie Hammer

Even if only to emphasize a plot line, Armie Hammer popped up to threaten Vince's life for dating his ex-girlfriend, super model Emily Ratajkowski. Entourage has always had a way of bringing celebrities into the picture and allowing them to portray themselves in a way the audience would have never previously imagined.


Jessica Alba

Strapped with prop guns and ammunition, Jessica Alba jumped out of a filming warehouse to grab Ari. Her outfit looked a lot like one from Sin City. She confessed that she hated the zombie movie he had her filming and threatened to walk off if Ari didn't green light her passion project. Ari, the sly fellow he is, promised a green light for her movie but likely only to appease Alba and get her back on set.


George Takei

A notable cameo came mid-credits. Star Trek legend George Takei hosted the marriage between Ari Gold's flamboyant assistant Lloyd and his partner, Tom. Ari lets out one last quip for Entourage fans to laugh at, telling Takei if he's straight he better come out now but Takei matches Ari's wit and tells him that if he's gay, he better come out now.

Which of the many, many Entourage cameos was your favorite?