Evil Dead Rise Rumor Claims New Film Takes Place in a Skyscraper

Evil Dead fans learned the first details about what to expect from the upcoming film, Evil Dead [...]

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Evil Dead fans learned the first details about what to expect from the upcoming film, Evil Dead Rise, earlier this week, though a new rumor has emerged which claims that the setting of the new film will be a skyscraper. The rumor comes from Jimmy Champane's YouTube channel, as he claimed that he had been told previously that the film would take place in an office building or high-rise. Up until this week, star Bruce Campbell had mentioned that the new film would be titled "Evil Dead Now," so rather than Champane's comments being based on conjecture about the new title, he had been sitting on this information since before the reveal.

In the weeks since Campbell revealed that the next film in the franchise would be coming from writer/director Lee Cronin, who previously delivered audiences The Hole in the Ground, he had mentioned that the film would be titled "Evil Dead Now." His recent correction about Evil Dead Rise has made the notion of a high-rise being the target of Deadites now having the significance of referring to the location of the film, while fans had previously assumed the title was more of a reference to the dead rising from the grave.

Campbell's updates about the title and setting came from an interview with Diabolique Magazine.

"The official name is 'Evil Dead Rise,'" Campbell revealed to the outlet. "We're getting a new draft in. I don't think anything will happen until 2021. Full bore ahead, we're very excited about it. A whole, new ballgame. No more cabin in the woods."

While the title reveal was exciting for fans, so was the tease that the next chapter in the franchise would be leaving the notion of a "cabin in the woods" behind. The locale was the setting not only for the first two films, but also the 2013 remake. Campbell and director Sam Raimi's third film, Army of Darkness, abandoned the location and took Ash Williams back in time. The TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead journeyed to a number of locations over the course of its three seasons, which also included spending time at the cabin where it all started.

Stay tuned for details about Evil Dead Rise.

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