Fantastic Four Ditches "Domashev" Name, Keeps "Von Doom"

A few months ago, the internet was in an uproar following the announcement of a particular character's name change in the Josh Trank reboot of Fantastic Four: Victor von Doom would be named Victor Domashev.

Well, breathe easy world. can confirm that the name Victor Domashev is never once used in the Fantastic Four reboot, rather, Toby Kebbell's villainous character is named Victor von Doom.

It appears to have been a post-production and reshoot type of change -- possibly to appease fans. Never once can a character be seen saying "Von Doom," but only heard. However, the name is used one time early in the film while the camera is tight on a piece of paper with the name on it which is an easy shot to go back and re-do.


Fantastic Four hits theaters this Friday. It will be the last comic book movie of 2015 - check out our Comic Book Movie Release Schedule!