Fantastic Four Earned C-Minus CinemaScore From Audiences

It’s one fantastic faceplant after the next for Fox’s troubled Marvel reboot.Josh Trank’s [...]

It's one fantastic faceplant after the next for Fox's troubled Marvel reboot.

Josh Trank's new Fantastic Four film opened to a sour C- minus CinemaScore rating from general audiences on Friday night, putting public opinion in the same low range as most critics. And it seems that critical scrutiny is taking a toll on Fantastic Four's box office numbers. While the film was originally projected to earn between $40 to $50 million this weekend, projectionists now have it hitting the high $20 million mark. That will likely put it behind Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation's second weekend in theaters, which is a bad sign for Fox.

Better remember this weekend well, Dr. Doom.

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Via Deadline.