F9: Fast & Furious Trailer Announced

The ninth installment of the beloved Fast & Furious saga is finally on its way. F9 was originally supposed to hit theaters last spring, but things changed after the pandemic caused theaters everywhere to shut down. Now that things are starting to open back up, and folks around the world are getting vaccinated, F9 and the rest of the major movies are aiming to make their theatrical debuts. Ahead of F9's arrival in June, Universal is releasing a brand new trailer to get fans everywhere excited once again.

On Tuesday morning, the official Fast Saga Twitter account announced a that a new trailer for F9 will be arriving some time on Wednesday. There's no word yet as to exactly what time the trailer will debut online, but just the announcement is enough to build even more hype around the new footage.

"Welcome back, Fam," the tweet from the Fast Saga account reads. "The all new F9 trailer drops tomorrow."

There are a lot of reasons for fans to be excited about this new Fast & Furious installment, though perhaps the biggest of them all is the return of Sung Kang's Han.

"Han is an integral character in this franchise," star and producer Vin Diesel told EW of Han's surprise return. "If you remember, he's kind of responsible for the away years of Dom Toretto. He's the one doing jobs with him in Mexico, he's the only one who knows where Dom is, and in many ways is the bridge for Dom when Dom comes back in Tokyo Drift. So there's something very special and magical about the Han character. When you see the movie you'll feel it, but I believe at the core it's another testament to, not only don't turn your back on family, but don't give up on family. Without giving away the plot, that's the theme: don't give up on family."


Are you excited for the new F9 trailer to arrive? How do you think Han will make his return? Let us know in the comments!

F9 hits theaters on June 25th.