First Iron Man 3 Footage: Is This The Mandarin?


Tony Stark's fan-powered arc reactor is fully charged and now those who liked Iron Man 3 on Facebook can reap the benefit: a 15-second preview of Tuesday's Iron Man 3 trailer, currently available at the Facebook page or embedded below. The image at left, based on the clothing and hair, appears to be our first look at The Mandarin as he will appear in the movie--much more traditional than we might have expected given all of the businessman/crime lord talk, but it's possible that this is simply one of his operatives; it's hard to see Kingsley's character necessarily having a gun on his person. We get a few glimpses of other cool stuff, including the new armor , some choppers flying around and what looks to be Pepper Potts in trouble--she's strapped to a chair, so likely in either a hostage situation or in the often-rumored plane crash...though a quick look at that background more or less invalidates that as an airplane seat. Option #3, of course, is that the harness is somehow related to the Rescue armor, but it seems unlikely she'd be quite so distressed if that were just a suit-fitting. Check it out below and let us know what you think!