Fortnite Producer Says Tenet Trailer Debut Was Christopher Nolan's Idea

Fans of Christopher Nolan have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new trailer for his film [...]

Fans of Christopher Nolan have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new trailer for his film Tenet all day. An official release online from Warner Bros. hadn't materialized by the mid-afternoon but then came the reveal that the trailer would premiere tonight and would arrive in an unexpected place: the video game Fortnite. This seemed like a peculiar place for the champion of cinema and theatrical exhibition to release his new trailer, but in fact the idea for Tenet's trailer debuting in Fortnite was entirely Chris Nolan's idea. Epic Games' worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard confirmed this in a tweet, writing:

"The idea of debuting the TENET trailer came from a phone call with Christopher Nolan. We were all talking about our love of seeing new trailers in a THEATER and how sad we were that we can't do that right now - but how maybe this could be the next best thing. Hope you love it!"

In a follow-up, Mustard added: "When we do anything like this, it's always born and driven from a relationship between creatives trying to bring something we think is awesome to life."

For those who only dabble in Fortnite but want to make sure you don't miss the trailer, seeing it in-game is as easy as hopping into Fortnite and going to the right menu. The new Party Royale mode that was added to the game not long ago is treated as its own playlist, so you can't miss it once you start the game. Simply go there and you'll be loaded into a world free of weapons, building, and anything else that could distract you from watching the trailer. You'll catch it first at 8 p.m. ET and every hour after that, and presumably elsewhere afterward.

Nolan's new film is among the last movies to maintain its summer 2020 release date, with Warner Bros. never removing it or delaying it from its planned July 17 debut. There's one wrinkle in that though as Tenet's official Twitter account recently removed all mentions of the July 17th release date from its profile, leading some to wonder if the film could actually end up delaying its release date. Stay tuned as we learn more.