Fortnite's Party Royale Mode Is Now Live, and Here's What It Does

Today, alongside a new update across all platforms -- Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and [...]

Today, alongside a new update across all platforms -- Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices -- Epic Games added a brand new, casual mode to the game that transforms the battle royale experience into a social hub. More specifically, the game's new Party Royale mode is now live, and the mode is exactly what it sounds like: a safe space to party and chill with friends.

In it, weapons and materials are turned off. According to Epic Games, not only is this a "small experimental space," but a space that will evolve over time, much like the core game's map. As for the island, it's pack full of things to do. Included are non-violent challenges, non-lethal guns to get from vending machines, a soccer field, interactive phone booths that change your outfit, an outdoor dance club, a movie theater, and much more.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear where Epic Games will take this space, but it's easy to imagine promotions and events will be reserved for this mode rather than the battle royale mode. For example, concerts or the premiere of a Star Wars trailer.

As mentioned above, there's also a new update accompanying all of this. Within this update is a nerf to aim assist on PC, a heavy sniper nerf, the addition of Operation: Payload, plus the following bug fixes:

  • General
    • Framerate and resolution drops in v12.41
  • Battle Royale
    • Local Challenges not appearing when entering a new area
    • "Block damage with a Kingsman" Challenge not tracking progress
  • Save the World
    • Surround Pound's heavy attack may not deal damage to husks
    • Players may be swapped to their pickaxe when using an ability that's on cooldown
    • Stormking Onslaught Projectiles are not functioning correctly
    • Players may become stuck in a previous Dungeons zone while their teammates are in the next one
    • Psylocke's Pickaxe does not swing properly
  • Mobile
    • Video playback disabled on Android
    • Extra Build buttons display Wall icons
    • Ping marker displays 0m

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