Frozen Fans Petitioning To Give Elsa A Girlfriend

After the events of Disney's Frozen, Anna and Kristoff are on their way towards being a couple, [...]

Frozen Elsa
(Photo: Disney)

After the events of Disney's Frozen, Anna and Kristoff are on their way towards being a couple, but what about Elsa?

In the film she isn't attached to anyone, which I'm sure will be an ongoing plot point in the world takeover vehicle that will be Frozen 2 at some point. Writer Alexis Isabel Moncada makes a good point however that she will most likely end up with a male prince or king, as many other Disney Princesses do.

The question she asks is why can't she end up with a princess instead?

It's an interesting thought, as she also points out that "The entertainment industry has given us girls who have fallen in love with beasts, ogres who fall for humans, and even grown women who love bees. But we've never been able to see the purity in a queer relationship."

In an article, which is well worth a full read, Moncada talks about how this internal thought led to a simple hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend taking off like wildfire and gave rise to many people sharing her enthusiasm for the idea. Disney's animated films have yet to have a gay character in any way, so this would definitely be a big step. Making that step could open up their characters and films to an even bigger audience of people who are going through the same type of confusion that Moncada went through growing up.

"This is why Elsa is so much more than a poster image — for me and for every girl who has and will watch Frozen. Giving young girls the chance to understand that a princess can love another princess the same way Cinderella loved her Prince Charming is vital to their development. No one deserves to feel isolated and confused about who they are. All we need is someone to show us that there are other options, other kinds of princesses, and other ways to have the happy ending that you deserve."


Plus, I think we can all agree that no matter who Elsa loves, Olaf still just wants a hug.