Frozen Now Sixth Highest-Grossing Movie Of All-Time Worldwide


Disney stockholders have to be excited about the movies that the company released in 2013. With Iron Man 3 and Frozen, Disney had the top two films released in 2013 at the worldwide box office. While Iron Man 3 was expected to be a monster-sized hit, Frozen has proven to be a bigger hit than Disney probably could have ever imagined. Frozen has now reached $1.129 billion at the worldwide box office, trailing only Iron Man 3 in regards to films released in 2013. Frozen also moved past Transformers: Dark of the Moon this weekend to become the sixth highest-grossing film of all-time at the worldwide box office. Besides just the box office gross, Frozen has also proven to be a merchandising hit for Disney with many stores selling out of Frozen toys and costumes. With Frozen still going strong in some international markets and the film being the type of family hit that could get re-released again next year during the holidays, Frozen could possibly climb even higher still on the all-time highest-grossing list.