Frozen Star Apologizes to Parents for Listening to Soundtrack on Loop

One Frozen star is apologizing to parents for their kids listening to the soundtrack on loop. D23 Expo brought the Disney Legends Ceremony to fans and the beloved princess franchise was there in full effect. Both Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff were joined by Josh Gad up on the stage to receive honors. All of them seemed to commiserate with other parents about hearing hits like "Let It Go" until they're burned into your eardrums. However, with the Frozen train not stopping anytime soon, a lot of those families are going to have to grin and bear it. Check out what Bell and Groff had to say to all those parents who are getting tired of the soundtrack down below courtesy of Variety.

"I would like to say that I'm sorry to every parent who has had to listen to 'Frozen' on a loop. I feel you, I see you, I am you. I get it," Bell chuckled before continuing: "Disney taught me to dream big and follow your heart. And that it is totally appropriate to bust out into song at any moment, which I really appreciate. Playing Princess Anna has been the highlight of my life I think — I mean other than my kids and stuff."

"As a young gay boy growing up in the late '80s early '90s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Disney VHS tapes were my primary escape. I dressed up as Peter Pan, as Alice in Wonderland, as Cinderella… Disney was my complete life as a kid. And getting to voice the role of Kristoff in 'Frozen' is a complete dream come true," Groff added. "And it's extra special to be here with Idina and Kristen and Josh. I love the three of you so much and I'm so happy that we are forever tied to each other in this film… So thank you for creating a space where even young boys can put on their Anna and Elsa dresses and sing and express themselves as the true Disney Legends that they are."

Frozen 2's director Jennifer Lee talked about the appeal of this franchise. "It's the most rewarding thing in the world for me to go to Disneyland or on Halloween and see kids dressed in our characters' costumes, because it means there was a connection made there," she said. "As an artist, being able to have an audience that you can try to connect with in a way that's meaningful to you. And when that is meaningful to them, there's just really nothing better for an artist. For anyone I would imagine, but I certainly feel that way."

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