Frozen 2 Star Admits Disappointment His Song Was Cut From Finished Movie

One of the stars of Frozen 2 was disappointed that his song didn't end up in the finished movie. Lieutenant Mattias himself, Sterling K. Brown had a bit to say about his musical aspirations for the movie in the new documentary about Frozen 2 on Disney+. Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 is out now on the streaming platform and it does a great job of showing off how different the film could have been. "See the Sky" was the tentative title, but it would never make it to the theatrical cut. When making a movie of this scale, some things are bound to be left behind, but it still has to sting to see something you were excited about getting cut because of story fit or time purposes. However, Brown isn't sulking about it, he knows that's just how this business operates sometimes.

"I was gonna sing a song. I sang for the audition. My song got cut. Maybe in Frozen III. You trust that Jen and Chris have an overall vision for what the story needs to be, and if it didn't fit in the story that they're now telling you're like 'ok, it didn't fit in the story.' But you mourn," he reflected. "You're like 'oh, that was always fun.' And then they come up with something else that's really, really, fun."

He had previously told Yahoo that there were some significant differences in the story before the final version hit theaters. A version of Mattias that viewers did not see could have ended up on screen very easily.

"Originally, he was in the forest by himself, isolated, and only had himself to talk to," Brown explained. "So I would have scenes where I talk to myself and the whole thing, and then someone like Anna would chime in and I'd be like, 'I didn't say that. Did I say that?' It was interesting interplay, because I'd never heard another voice. So that went away and the song had to be re-conceived."

Even so, the sequel ended up being another smash hit for the company. With it bringing in over a billion dollars at the box office, there's plenty of interest in the world of Arendelle still. At some point, we're probably getting a Frozen 3. That means that the door could be open for Brown to flex his singing chops then.


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