Ghostbusters Reboot Projected For Up To $50 Million Opening Weekend


For all the fire and brimstone that greeted the Ghostbusters reboot initial announcement and subsequent trailers, the film has received a variety of positive praise in its early critics screenings.

That positive goodwill should lead the film to surpass some of the conservative estimates, which had it taking in around $38 million (via The Wrap). Now the film is projected to bring in closer to $50 million, and with a budget of $140 million, that's good news for the people at Sony.

Still, even with the positive buzz, it might not be enough to take the top spot from The Secret Life of Pets, which hit the ground running with a $104 million opening weekend, and in its second week could add another $55 million.

Even if it comes in at second place, it would still be a victory for the much-debated reboot. The consensus seems to be that when the film removes the spotlight from the ghosts and centers it on the team, it flourishes.


Ghostbusters features Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth. The film releases on July 15th.