Ghosted Director Dexter Fletcher Speaks Out on Ana de Armas' Fear in the New Apple TV+ Movie (Exclusive)

Apple TV is getting ready to release their next big film with Dexter Fletcher's Ghosted, and it is set to star Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. From the first trailer for the film, it looks like it'll be a wild ride steered by Evans and Armas. But it also seems that there might be some fear in one of the characters. During a recent interview with's Chris Killian, Fletcher opened up about Armas' character's fear in Ghosted.

"Every day. Every day we're making a film. I mean, it's something that comes through because it's a choice. Most things are. They really are. If you can get it to that stage in your life where, look, your emotions are hard enough to wrangle, but I have long nights of the soul when I am not clear on a sequence and I go, 'I never directed a bus chase before. What the fuck is a bus chase?' And you look and you stare at the scene and there's no answers there. There's only answers inside," Fletcher revealed. "And when you're going to work the next day, people do not care if you are nervous or scared. They need answers. They need you to deliver and you need to deliver. So it is a good philosophy. You're right. And it makes a lot of sense. And especially who she says it to because really he lives afraid and that's what he learns not... He hopefully goes on that journey of not being in fear and she learns to in turn be okay with letting someone connect. Because I suppose connection is what can create fear; that's what their relationship's about. So I like that element of it as well. I really love that that stood out for you because yeah, I think she's really cool in that regard and he learns a lot from her."

What is Ghosted About?

In Ghosted, salt-of-the-earth Cole (Evans) falls head over heels for enigmatic Sadie (de Armas) -but then makes the shocking discovery that she's a secret agent. Before they can decide on a second date, Cole and Sadie are swept away on an international adventure to save the world. 

The film also stars Adrien Brody, Mike Moh, Amy Sedaris, and Tate Donovan. It is directed by Dexter Fletcher, with a screenplay from Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick and Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers.

Chris Evans on Reuniting With Ana de Armas 

"That type of movie's very much up my alley," Evans explained. "[Rhett] Reese and [Paul] Wernick, a couple of writers who did Deadpool, they're fantastic. They pitched me the idea and I was like, 'I love it.' It felt like a 90s movie. It felt like something that is just fun. It's very rewatchable, [a] good hangover mode, and I don't know if I see those enough these days. We mentioned a little bit of like, not like a cynical thing audiences have seen a lot, you know what I mean? There's very high expectations, and sometimes movies like that are just great, if they're done well. I really liked it. And the role itself was really attractive, because I got to be so incapable. He's the audience. It's always fun playing the eyes of the audience. The more panicked I was, the more I go to pieces, not only the funnier it is, but the more connectivity you have to the people watching, because that's probably what most of us in here would do. [It's] certainly what I would do in circumstances like that."

Ghosted is set to debut globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, April 21st.

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