Did James Gunn Confirm the Final Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg Has Been Discovered?

If there's one thing James Gunn knows well — in addition to crafting blockbuster franchises from [...]

If there's one thing James Gunn knows well — in addition to crafting blockbuster franchises from the ground up, that is — it's that he knows how to work the room. Known for his elaborate placement of Easter eggs throughout his works, there's but one Easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy that's eluded fans for the past six years. That is, apparently, until now. One YouTube channel, in particular, has dedicated itself to finding the missing Easter egg and according to Gunn himself, they just may have found it.

Saturday afternoon, New Rockstars' Erik Voss uploaded a new video to YouTube going on a deep-dive of Guardians of the Galaxy. During the video in question, Voss hypothesized not only is the movie's soundtrack intricately woven into the storytelling involved in the film itself but apparently — and you might need to sit down for this — Meredith Quill (Laura Haddock) might also be the avatar of an otherworldly entity like Lady Death or Eternity.

Wait. Say what?

It's been confirmed that Death, Entropy, Eternity, and Infinity are located on the wall designs in the Morag temple where Peter (Chris Pratt) first finds the Power Stone. If you pause and looky closely, the fourth abstract entities are forging the six Infinity Stones at the beginning of time.

Voss explains it in much more depth here but the gist is this: when we see Meredith Quill after Peter grabs the Power Stone at the end of the movie, she's surrounding in this cosmic haze — the same design seen when Peter and Gamora (Zoe Saldana) are listening to Peter's walkman on Knowhere and nearly smooch. Voss hypothesizes that Knowhere is actually the severed head of one Ego's (Kurt Russell) previous organic forms and coincidentally enough, the Peter and Gamora scene takes place in front of one of the head's eyes. That means that the scene where many think Peter and Gamora fall in love is seen through Ego's eyes as he looks out onto Eternity, who is Peter's mother.

Are you still following along? Gunn himself seemed to enjoy the theory, potentially even confirming the last hidden Easter egg in a simple tweet. "Haha amazing work," the filmmaker said when retweeting the video in question.

Guardians of the Galaxy is now streaming on Disney+.

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