Happy Birthday! Channing Tatum Turns 36 Today

Today is actor Channing Tatum’s birthday.A famous actor in both action and comedy movies, [...]


Today is actor Channing Tatum's birthday.

A famous actor in both action and comedy movies, Tatum's biggest franchise roles to date have been G.I. Joe and 21 Jump Street.

In the adaptation of the '80s animation franchise, Tatum played Duke, while in Jump Street, he portrayed Jenko. Tatum is also known for his rather shirtless role in the comedy film Magic Mike, where he plays a construction worker turned-stripper.

But Tatum's biggest role may still be ahead of him, as the actor is set to play the X-Man Gambit in a solo Gambit film, expected to start filming in the next year or so.

Tatum's other notable roles include the thriller White House Down with Jamie Foxx, Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, The Wachowski siblings' Jupiter Ascending, and even Superman in The LEGO Movie.

Born in Cullman, Alabama, Tatum turns 36 today. Happy Birthday, Channing Tatum.