Marvel Exec Teases There Are "More Stories" for Harry Styles' Starfox

The post-credits scenes featured in Marvel Cinematic Universe projects tease what audiences can expect from upcoming adventures, though in the years since audiences witnessed Harry Styles' debut as Starfox in the Eternals post-credits scenes, fans have been left wondering when the figure will return, with frequent Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore teasing that the character has more stories on the horizon. These post-credits scenes have been known to directly tease what the future holds for the franchise or makes it evident what experiences are being set up, though with how much time has passed and with no clear avenue for Starfox's return, fans have only been left to speculate about how and where the figure could make a comeback.

"We didn't cast Harry for a tag," Moore shared with Deadline. "(There's) more stories to be told with that character. He has an interesting connection with Thanos; they're half-brothers and share the same father."

He added, "He's a complicated character, but a really fun character."

The intergalactic nature of the character would make it seem most likely that Starfox would make a return in some sort of adventure that takes place beyond the world of terrestrial heroes, such as the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Director James Gunn, however, shot down that theory pretty firmly last year.

When asked by Extra about a Starfox appearance, Gunn clearly confirmed, "Nope ... I'm setting the record straight. Starfox doesn't pop up."

Not only is it potentially a challenge finding the right way to incorporate Starfox in a longer story, but the fact that Styles is such a sought-after and busy performer also presents some complications. While a number of other members of the MCU are busy enough in their own right with acting opportunities, Styles' impressive musical career also keeps him quite busy. When discussing his future with Marvel last summer, he noted that he thought it would be quite some time before he found the opportunity to appear in another movie.

"It'd be funny if that was it, wouldn't it?" Styles joked with Rolling Stone about his cameo being his only appearance as Starfox. As far as when he'll return to the role, he confirmed, "I don't imagine I'd do a movie for a while." 

Stay tuned for details on Styles' return as Starfox.

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